Cha- 80/3, Shadhinota Sarani (Progati Sarani), Uttar Badda, Dhaka-1212, Bangladesh

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Designation: Managing Director

Md. Zulfiquear Ali

Message of Managing Director

Without a doubt being healthy is the most common wish among all human beings. Therefore, days of illness are the hardest and the bitterest days of each person, especially if he/she spends these days away from family in a hospital. And we; the medical team, are the patients' friends in need in the hospital.

I have asked myself many times how I can reduce the discomfort of such days and make the memories sweeter.​

Although paying attention to issues such as customer orientation, quality, and comments to organization principles are important alone, they are not enough. The answer is simple, "our permanent commitment to ease our patients' pain."

"Commitment to ease our patients' pain" ties us to give medical services that are according to medical knowledge in the world's first-class hospitals along with limitless kindness and tenderness. I will call this approach "creating tenderness ".

Creating tenderness is in fact, training to be kind permanently. Tenderness begins with yourself,  grows with kindness to your colleagues, it extends to be worried about nature, working environment, life, and it reaches its peak by an enthusiastic commitment toward patients and their families in order to solve their problems. In this way, passing illness days in the hospital with comfort will be the fruit of the AMZ Hospital Medical team's "Creating tenderness."

My colleagues and I at AMZ Hospital, have proved our permanent commitment to high-quality care along with tenderness by loving our career, trying to predict and supply their medical needs, and helping eagerly to our clients.

Our staff, in order to make better days for patients, every day and every time start their work with kindness and the word hello which brings health and kindness.

Hello to you and May God give your health every day.